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Sun, Apr 09, 2017

Jesus from the Beginning to the End

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All of Scripture is the Gospel, pointing to our need of rescue and to Jesus the rescuer. It reveals the meta-narrative that we were made for something great, something beautiful; something (and someone, and by someone) perfect. But Creation has been and remains broken, leaving us in infinite need of someone to fix it. As just about every story we come across reveals, and what we constantly find in all of Scripture, there is a huge problem with a hero that will come (and has come) to save the day; to save us. In the end, he re-creates an unbreakable and eternal “happily ever after”. Every letter of Scripture reveals our greatest need and how Jesus on the cross transferred his great life for our great death. As we see and believe this ultimate eternal truth, we are first called to BE transformed and then to LIVE transformed by following the Holy Spirit’s leading, even if we don’t exactly know why or how.
Duration:36 mins 51 secs
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