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Acts: The Perpetual Power of the Gospel
Sun, May 28, 2017
What is God’s will for my life? Where should I go and what should I do? Either overtly or covertly we all ask these questions in the effort to make the most of our lives. We see in this passage how God mysteriously, purposefully and successfully blocks and opens paths as he uses broken people to bring hope and healing to the most shocking and diverse people and places. This simultaneously draws us into awe of God and his power as well as bold humility as we see him changing the world through us.
Acts: The Perpetual Power of the Gospel
Sun, May 21, 2017
Duration: 48 mins 6 secs
It is impossibly hard to wrap our brains and hearts around the absolute freeness and freedom of the Gospel. Jesus came to rescue us with no effort or qualification whatsoever on our part (except the qualification of being utterly disqualified). Our saved status and intimacy with Him is maintained and even grown through his effort and his grace. This allows no room to boast in our supposed personal holiness, nor room to demand others anything but knowing Christ and him crucified. Salvation from beginning to end, all the way until He returns, is “Jesus Plus Nothing”.
Acts: The Perpetual Power of the Gospel
Sun, May 14, 2017
Passage: Acts 14:8-23
Duration: 30 mins 57 secs
The brokenness of creation is readily obvious and universally pervasive, overtaking the physical world, our relationships and, most especially, our spirituality. We aren’t designed for this curse we’ve earned, which leaves us scrambling for a cure. The good news is that, in the middle of our darkest, God’s hope breaks through in two ways. Firstly, He gives everybody “common grace” where he gives us “rains from heaven and fruitful seasons, satisfying your hearts with food and gladness” as a gracious blessing to us as well as a witness to draw us to the gift-giver and the offer of the second and deeper hope: God’s “Saving Grace.” Common Grace is the temporary appetizer and witness for the fully satisfying permanent Saving Grace where the Father put our curse on Jesus in order to utterly reverse the brokenness and re-create us to himself.
Acts: The Perpetual Power of the Gospel
Sun, May 07, 2017
Passage: Acts 13
Duration: 32 mins 41 secs
Experiencing supernatural life in the Spirit; repentance and renewal through the good news of Christ.
Acts: The Perpetual Power of the Gospel
Sun, Apr 30, 2017
Duration: 30 mins 29 secs
The Church’s (all followers of Jesus) ultimate purpose is to glorify God. This basically involves growing together, serving together and worshipping together. In this passage, we find the infant, diverse, connected church coming together in community to grow and worship. This fuels them to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit to serve in both word and deed: in word by sharing the gospel in their local community and beyond; in deed by sending physical help (such as famine relief) to the needy abroad. The Word in our lives and our church fuels us to grow by loving up (worship) and loving out (missions).
Acts: The Perpetual Power of the Gospel
Sun, Apr 23, 2017
Passage: Acts 10:9-23
Duration: 46 mins 34 secs
The Law makes some of us feel elite over others while making others feel inferior. Both of these vantage points don’t take into consideration that every last one of us have utterly broken God’s law and have no righteousness and no hope outside of Jesus, who has kept the law perfectly. Through his death and resurrection, he gave us access to the Father and the free gift of his perfection imputed into us. This gift and re-creation into a new identity also gives us a re-creation into a new family that is based on Jesus’ righteousness rather than ours.
Acts: The Perpetual Power of the Gospel
Sun, Apr 16, 2017
Passage: Acts 9:1-19
Duration: 41 mins 17 secs
Jesus has raised from the dead! He has decimated death, throwing fear and sin into the abyss as he rose from the ashes. Now the Risen Jesus meets us on whatever road we are on regardless of our scandalous past or our muddy present, inviting us to join him in His Resurrection as we trade our blindness for sight and our life-taking belligerence for life-giving service.
Easter 2017
Fri, Apr 14, 2017
Passage: Matthew 27
Series: Easter 2017
Before the beginning….God. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit were in an eternal other-centered unified Dance. Out of this love came creation, giving us physical life and divine relationship. But we wanted more. And we broke creation by breaking relation. A God that is perfectly pure cannot be stained by treason, nor can a God of perfect Justice turn a blind eye to us betraying his love. So Love intersected with Justice and God payed the price on our behalf. The physical price since we broke his physical creation: this was the torture of Jesus during Holy Week and on the cross. And the relational price since we betrayed his love, denied him and mocked him: this was the Father forsaking his son Jesus, a relationship that had been pure, intimate and eternal from before the beginning. This is why the cross had to be both physical torture as well as relational torture. But in so doing, he redeems and restores both the physical and relational, sweeping us back into the New Creation that can never be broken again.
Acts: The Perpetual Power of the Gospel
Sun, Apr 09, 2017
Passage: Acts 8:26-40
Duration: 36 mins 51 secs
All of Scripture is the Gospel, pointing to our need of rescue and to Jesus the rescuer. It reveals the meta-narrative that we were made for something great, something beautiful; something (and someone, and by someone) perfect. But Creation has been and remains broken, leaving us in infinite need of someone to fix it. As just about every story we come across reveals, and what we constantly find in all of Scripture, there is a huge problem with a hero that will come (and has come) to save the day; to save us. In the end, he re-creates an unbreakable and eternal “happily ever after”. Every letter of Scripture reveals our greatest need and how Jesus on the cross transferred his great life for our great death. As we see and believe this ultimate eternal truth, we are first called to BE transformed and then to LIVE transformed by following the Holy Spirit’s leading, even if we don’t exactly know why or how.
Acts: The Perpetual Power of the Gospel
Sun, Apr 02, 2017
Inside every relationship there is a struggle between loving the person and loving what the person (or the love) does for us. This clearly enters into our faith and relationship with Jesus. Do we love Jesus, or what Jesus does for us? In this passage Simon, a publicly declared “great” local magician, is overshadowed by Holy Spirit miracles. Simon in turn was in awe of the power of God, and what that power could potentially do FOR him, but not by God himself. Ultimately his love wasn’t for Jesus but for himself. We often treat Jesus, church and one another in this exact way: “What’s in it for me?” However, Jesus, the embodiment of Love, was the opposite. He gave up all of himself; his greatness; his union with the Father in order to become less and be sacrificed for us and our inheritance. In doing this, he reveals our inherent anti-greatness while giving us the gift of his greatness.
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