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  •   Seventy children (3rd. through 8th. grades) learned art from community artists at Grace’s Art Camp 2014. Students created projects under the direction of each artist: Daniel Smith: Tile mosaics Robert Wallace: Oil pastels Perry Houghton: Blown glass  Molly Angel & Annalyse Wilkins: Silhouette painting Art created by our children from the week was displayed in Grace's Art Gallery. Art camp is held every year the week after July 4 with registration open May 1-July 1. Below, several of the artists share their favorite moment from camp.   Daniel Smith   I  was struck by how "normal" Micah was. He was one that they said may need special attention. When I saw him in my class, I did spend alittle extra time with him at first, but that changed. When I was explaining to him the process with the mosaics and gluing down the tiles -- "six across and six down .... that is 36 tiles total" -- I looked him in the eye, but he continued looking down at the tiles and said "this makes sense" I smiled and let him at it. The next day when we were going to grout, I wondered how he would handle that. It was less systematic than the placing and gluing. He made a scrunched up face when I first told him what we were going to do, but then smiled. He dove right in and was one of the first to finish. His mosaic board was one of the neatest and well done. I always learn something as well when teaching kids. It reminds me what art is about. The different personalities, the different approaches to the same task., and the way each child cares deeply about something. But the wonder is what I like most. It is what called me back into art myself......the shear joy of creation and the limitless possibilities that are right in front of you as you begin.    Visit Dan's website     Robert Wallace   I really enjoy teaching art camp here at grace. I was fortunate to be asked to teach the first art camp many years back. I happen to teach at Rugby middle school at the time and taught Melanie and Rob Wilkins boys. So as this idea was being developed I was able to step in when it began. I have been able to teach most of the art camps since then with a few exceptions where we were to be out of town during that week. The experience for me is unique each year working with different groups of kids and different teachers. I enjoy seeing the whole process from the beginning of four new lessons, and as the week progresses to the culmination of the art show. It is such a rewarding experience seeing the students bring their friends and family out to the show and celebrate the work they have made, and meet classmates they have gotten to know throughout the week. To me the most exciting thing has really
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  • Art Camp is designed for rising 3rd-8th graders the week after the fourth of July each summer (July 7-11, 2014). Each year, different teachers and different medium are used.  Many students from the church and from the community attend art camp each year.  Registration is available May-June.
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  • Every shoebox is an opportunity to share the Good News of the gospel with a child around the world. Since 1993, more than 100 million boys and girls in over 130 countries have received a simple shoebox from Operation Christmas Child.  Grace was excited to send 218 shoeboxes November 2013.
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  • Grace Children's Ministry has partnered with Glen Marlow Elementary, our neighborhood school's BakPak program.  The school sends backpacks of food home each weekend with children who might otherwise go hungry.  Kid-friendly food items are collected Sept-May at the children's welcome desk.
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