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Children's Ministry Philosophy

Gospel Perspective

Children’s Ministry serves our children in the context of the local body of Christ – understanding that our children are not “the future church,” but a critical and unique part of our community of faith now. Loving our children well means we not only care for them, but for families, teachers, and volunteers in the context of integrated and loving relationships. We believe each unique relationship is, therefore, a foundation for Gospel discipleship: pointing one another to Jesus, growing in God’s grace, responding in love for God and others, and developing a sense of belonging in the greater community. We also understand a more focused relationship with parents -- to love, support, and equip them in their God-given responsibility of spiritual training.

Gospel Practice

In each classroom, activity or event, we seek to create a place of love, safety, and opportunity to develop relationships between children, parents, teachers, and volunteers, nurtured in the Gospel. We see our service as far more than just baby-sitting, but the opportunity to demonstrate service motivated from a heart of worship and gratitude, not from moralism or duty. In addition to modeling the love of Jesus to our children, we also desire to serve the Body by freeing parents to worship, supporting other ministries through childcare, and responding to the needs of our community through individual and collective works of mercy and service.

    • Because we want to encourage family life, we welcome children to attend and participate in the worship services with their parents.

    • Because we desire to support and come alongside parents, we encourage and invite them to be actively involved in classes of their own children as part of the smaller community.

    • Because we believe God creates each child with unique and special gifts, we seek to help them identify and develop these gifts to encourage, teach, and serve the church Body.

    • Because we believe the Gospel primarily flows through loving relationships, we value community within each classroom: children with children, children with adults, and adults with adults.

    • Because we believe God calls the body to work in unity, the Children's Ministry team of teachers and volunteers work together to support, encourage, love and serve one another.

    • Because we believe sanctification as a process, we seek to share the Gospel through caring and age appropriate means.

    • Because we value the safety of our children and volunteers, we enforce classroom size limits.

    • Because we value families and their time together, we purposefully limit the number of programs we offer.

    • Because we believe in sustaining community, we are purposeful to encourage ongoing relationships including children, parents, teachers and volunteers by keeping teaching teams and/or groups of children together year after year.

    • Because we understand unique roles within the Body, we provide opportunities for our teachers and volunteers to discover who God uniquely made them to be by exploring many different skill areas.