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Missions at Grace



Part of our Missions theme for this year has been  “Praying, Giving, and GOING”. Several members of the Missions Leadership Team have been privileged to take part in GOING on short-term trips, and in fact we have been able to visit overseas with ALL of our Grace supported missionaries in 2016.

SERGE held its once-in-every-three years Global conference in Southern Spain. Veech and Fran Li attended the conference and had the chance to connect with all of our SERGE supported missionaries. As the Director of Mission at Serge, Josiah (and Barbara) Bancroft led the conference.  Serge provided doctors/counselors to help the physical and mental health of its missionaries and their families and uplifting daily talks from Josiah and Scotty Smith to address their spiritual health.

Joel and Cindy Hylton were active in leading workshops and presenting the work of Serge’s Missionary Apprenticeship Program (MAP). Joel and Cindy are now back in the US and ask for your prayers as they decide on the location of their assignment as Area Directors for the Apprenticeships. Please look for Joel and Cindy over the next few months as they frequently are attending Grace Sunday services and raising support. Gary and Ashley Helms have been focusing on MAP intern training in London as well as other initiatives such as the London Evangelism and Prayer (LEAP) Conference. They ask for your continued prayers for their assimilation into London, finding a great network of new friends and for strength in their marriage.  

Chip and Meredith Jones continue to “disciple the disciplers” as they minister to local church leaders in Chile. They have just been assigned a new Area Director as Serge seeks to broaden its footprint in Latin America. The Jones’s are also welcoming back to Chile their old Team leaders - Dave and Esther Miller. Together, they will be expanding the discipleship program and also assist in sharing the Gospel with the Mapuche Indians in Southern Chile.

Ann Keiser will be taking a short break from her assignment at Bundibugyo, Uganda working with orphans and vulnerable children at the Christ School. Look for Ann at Grace on several weekends during the fall and early winter as she is back here for home leave and support raising.

Grace supports Edward and Christine Isingoma as national workers in Hoima, Uganda.  Marty and Watha Kollmeyer went  to Uganda in June and were able to spend 3 days with the Isingoma’s.  Though meeting for the first time, there was a strong sense of immediately being closely bonded by God’s love and the partnership that Grace has been privileged to support for many years now. Hearing firsthand about Edward’s work as Pastor of New Life Presbyterian Church and Christine’s as Headmistress of New Life Primary School was truly inspirational.

Edward speaks weekly at the primary school plus 3 secondary schools in the area all in addition to Sunday worship plus Wed bible study at New Life. Outreach events include tent crusades (last Feb and upcoming in November) and Edward is hoping to restart a weekly radio message  ministry. Edward has joined a multi­denominational Pastor’s Forum, where he shares his  extensive experience and trains younger pastors. He was happy to report that “I’m giving Reformed teaching to Pentecostal Pastors!” Christine stays busy running the Christian primary school for 158 children and is involved in many aspects of the broader ministry. Marty & Watha were also able to meet 5 of the 8 Isingoma children, and they are all impressive young adults serving the Lord with careers ranging from business to banking to cinematography to legal studies in defense of human rights!

One of the true joys of the trip was being able to deliver a suitcase full of “gifts” from Grace to the Isingoma’s that consisted of bibles, school supplies, soccer balls and some personal care products. Edward and Christine expressed volumes of thanks repeatedly for all the ways in which Grace has supported them ­ the on­going support from Grace, plus the special funds coming from our children’s jewelry sales projects that have been used to pay school fees for thepoorest children, and other misc. special need funds provided over the years. We are strongly
assured that these investments into God’s work in Uganda have been highly fruitful and clearly a part of His plan for the people of Uganda.
HONDURAS FOUNTAIN OF LIFE ­ Pastor Yobani Alas in Taulabe, Honduras receives 3 mission teams from Grace Community each year. In late January, Watha Kollmeyer was on a team of 11that went down to focus on the women leaders involved in the many facets of ministry of HFOL.These ladies teach in the schools, work in the orphanage for girls, and hold various positions in the churches there.  All of them work incredibly hard in difficult circumstances and are under­resourced.  Honduran culture does not value women highly and this is part of the reason that HFOL shines so brightly and has a tremendous impact in the area.  They DO value women and encourage them in their faith, occupation and ministry.  Our team was able to give 50 women a brief  break and some special encouragement in the Lord.
We took them all for a day away at beautiful Lake Gloriosa complete with boat ride, catered lunch, swimming and the best White Elephant Gift game of all time!  They got to be carefree and act like little girls again ­ for a day.  Much laughter and many hugs bridged the language barrier.  On other days we had them in smaller groups for a day of blessing.   The ladies wore their very best and spent the day at the Missions house on campus.  Worship, testimonies from Grace women, extended prayer time and a teaching on God’s covering over us touched all of
our hearts and healing and hope filled the place.  The four men on our Grace team made a trulyextravagant meal for them and served it to the ladies!  Their serving hands spoke loudly about the value of these women. Pastor Yobani is a visionary man of God with seemingly endless energy.  The orphanage, primary and secondary schools, new university classes, the Tabernacle with about 1000 attenders, church planting, transition home for teenage girls, work with Compassion Int’l for 500 children in the area ­ are only the beginning!  If you have never been on a mission trip ­ one of the trips to Honduras Fountain of Life would be an excellent way to start!  Learn more at



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