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Philosophy of Ministry

When visiting a new church or any new group, it's similar to meeting a new person.  We listen to the content of their words but there’s a whole lot more to gather: like posture, tone and facial expressions.  There’s something intangible too: the feel, atmosphere or climate of the conversation.  What’s underneath our words?  What shapes the climate or culture you may find here, since it may be different than what you’ve experienced before or might expect?  Here’s a brief description of some basic principles that drive our philosophy of ministry.  These are commitments we make as leaders and staff and pursue wholeheartedly.

Strengthening Your Faith
We see faith as a spiritual lifeline. Faith (confidence, trust, reliance) is what connects us to Christ and gives us spiritual life. The Bible speaks often about strengthening, growing and maintaining our faith and that connection. Everything at Grace, including worship services, has the chief aim of serving one another’s faith.

Guiding Your Continuing Spiritual Education
Grace pursues the wide variety of callings God sets for His people. We see ourselves as particularly tasked with and suited for teaching. At Grace, you can learn more about the Bible and theology, and learn it in a way that strengthens your faith. Our teaching is shaped by the good news of the Gospel and the hope and encouragement of what Christ has accomplished.

Respecting Your Conscience
Scripture challenges leaders to serve faith and not to control or take advantage of consciences. We are committed to trusting God to work in your heart and life. We labor to avoid sentimentality, spiritual manipulation or a use of authority to pressure or push you into anything. Our gentle approach is driven by a respect that God calls us to honor.

Joining Your Journey
We believe the Gospel creates healthy humility and transparency. Following Jesus undermines spiritual superiority and shapes a more horizontal than vertical community. Leaders, members, visitors and non-believers are all on the same level seeking to learn at Jesus’ feet. Christ embraces us where we are and also leads us to where we need to be.

Distributing Your Presence
We’re not a wealthy church and we’ve strategically chosen not to spend a huge amount on buildings and property. Though it takes more effort on your part and ours, we desire to see our body more unleashed from a centralized location and programming. Besides corporate worship, we offer a limited number of core ministries at Grace Centre.  We encourage our folks in pursuing relationships and service in their neighborhoods and community. We don’t just want people to come to Grace but for grace to go to people.

Hopefully this will give you a better understanding of the feel of our church and may the Spirit lead you to where you will best grow in faith.