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Welcome Letter

Grace Community is not just a random name we have chosen; rather it is a picture of what we hope to become -- a community of people who are growing in genuine love for God and others through the grace of Jesus Christ.

To us, “grace” is not merely a little help God adds as a reward to our self-efforts, but the dynamic power of the gospel to change our daily lives as we totally depend on Him in faith. Nor do we see “grace” as merely God’s willingness to overlook our faults and accept us as we are. Rather, we have found God’s grace to be His love and acceptance of us in spite of who we are. It gives us hope to know that God’s acceptance and love for us energizes Him to be honest and realistic about our hearts, and also to be committed to empower us to change. As one writer says, God accepts us where we are, but loves us too much to leave us there. His grace teaches, coaches and disciplines us into Christ-likeness. (Titus 2:11-15).

In Christ, we are finding confidence to face the sometimes-dark truth about ourselves, but with the incredible hope of knowing we are not left alone to deal with it. We have a God whose love is unconditional, whose power is unlimited, and whose vision for what we are becoming is unimaginable!

This has given us an entirely new perspective on what “church” is, what “leadership” is about, and what it means to follow Christ. And it has changed how we hope to motivate and encourage each other. Instead of being a ministry built primarily around the motivations of guilt, fear and personal reward, we see God’s grace as the core motive for the Christian life. Love and thanksgiving toward God for what He is and has done should inspire us. To quote a popular movie, a deep understanding of God’s grace should result in the motive of our entire lives being, “You make me want to be a better man” or woman. And according to Jesus a better man or woman is one who is learning to love God and others as He did.

So, that is what we aspire to, though often awkward and stumbling along the way. We would very much appreciate your prayers! If you are checking us out, our prayer is that the Spirit will somehow encourage your heart and guide you with wisdom for your own journey.